Pet Photography

At Paws & Purrfection Company, we know that capturing precious moments of our pets is very important. For that reason, we offer stress-free photography sessions with your dog customized to create amazing pictures and capture their true personalities in a relaxed setting. You can then handpick your favorite pictures and photo packages for display or as a gift!

Photography Session Pricing

1 Hour Photography Session

Book a 1 hour private photography session for your dog. Your pet will enjoy a 1-on-1 session with the photographer. Sample photos will be sent to you via email where you can choose your favorite photos to be printed individually or in a collage!

$75.00 per 1 hour session

Custom Photo Packages

Photo packages can be customized! You can choose as many photos as you like to be printed! Just specify the size and number of prints you want to order or choose a group of photos for a picture collage!

               Photo Package Pricing

                                    PRINTS                                                    COLLAGE

                                4 x 6 - $0.50 each                                     4 x 6 - $0.50 each

                                5 x 7 - $3.50 each                                     5 x 7 - $3.50 each

                                8 x 10 - $3.50 each                                   8 x 10 -  $3.50 each